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NHQ Planet now available

The latest issue of Linux Magazine contains an article about Bilboplanet a RSS aggregator. I got interested and decided to give it a go, the result is now available on won't duplicate the Linux magazine article, you can read it here some extra installation information,

  • do not create inc/config.php instead make the inc directory writable
  • use following MySQL instructions to create a database

MySQL> create database bilbo;
MySQL> create user 'bilboplanet'@'localhost' identified by 'password';
MySQL> grant all on bilbo.* to 'bilboplanet'@'localhost';
# chgrp -R apache bilboplanet
# chmod 777 bilboplanet/inc

after the installation
MySQL> revoke all privileges, grant option from  'bilboplanet'@'localhost';
MySQL> grant select,insert,update,delete on bilbo.* to 'bilboplanet'@'localhost';
# chmod 550 bilboplanet/inc