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Just a bunch of lists of software I find valuable

Usefull variables

Host IP address(es)

HOSTIP=$(ip addr | sed -e '/' -e 's/ *inet *\([^\/]*\).*/\1/;tx;d;:x')

This gets interface information using ip command, sed is used to remove everything except the inet4 ip address.

Internet IP address

As this involves screen scraping it's prone to failure if the remote site changes

MYGLOBALIP=$(curl 2>/dev/null |
    sed -n 's/.*>\([0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\).*/\1/p')


Using check_mk as an agent to monitor a linux server

Adding check_mk to our Nagios server was easy so I went on to install the check_mk agent on one of our servers.

For this installation I choose to take the rpm install path following the description on the check_mk site. The maxwait mentioned in the documentation is installed by the rpm.

A minor item missing in this desciption is that it may be necessary to open port 6556 in the firewall configuration.

Adding check_mk to Nagios

I came across check_mk when looking for plugins for our Nagios installation, at that time I did not have the time to check it out. A project  I'm working on at a customer site needs monitoring and I decided to try check_mk.

check_mk is an add on to Nagios build by a German Linux consulting firm. We already had a running installation of Nagios and pnp4nagios on a CentOs server. Nagios is a prerequisite for installing check_mq, I'm not sure if pnp4nagios is required or not.



My collection of bash tips, files, links

Nagios Links

Site Link Status
Nagios in use
Check MK in use
Icinga, Nagios fork

Site revival and switch to Drupal

The original nhq-melle site was made in Joomla, for various reasons I decided to migrate to Drupal.

  • patriotism : The orignal Drupal developer is a fellow countryman.
  • curiosity 

feel : as in look-and-feel. I'm not yet fully at home in Drupal but I find it, as a developer, more intuitive.

The upgrade.

There is a joomla to drupal but it is not yet in Drupal 7 so I first installed Drupal 6, Imported my joomla content and then upgraded to Drupal 7


Essential: Putty

Simple free SSHclient for windows. Putty is great but I recently started using Kitty which is a fork of Putty that add some nice features.  Check the Kitty page to see the list of extras. If you don't use the extras I think it better to stick to the original Putty.


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