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RPN Calculator

A RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculator replacement. HP "pocket" calculators in the 70ties and 80ties were RPN based.


Once you get used to it, it's great



Hi, I'm Carl Verbiest,

I develop software at CCE NV , I'm responsible for our own internal Protools development tool and environment.

At CCE we develop a finance and ERP application called Lisa using Progress OpenEdge. I've been using Progress 4GL since 1993, version 6, CCE uses progress since 1989, version 4 or 5.

This is my personal site, I mainly used it for testing Joomla. In January 2011 I moved to Drupal.


Essential: Windows resource kit

I don't understand why robocopy has not yet replaced xcopy, perhaps Microsoft thinks it's too complex for windows users. That category of users doesn't use xcopy either. Anyway, this little program is one of my reasons to install the windows resource kit which you can download from Microsoft for free. If you don't need the rest of the kit you could just copy robocopy.exe from another computer, no need for a setup procedure.

Essential: WinSCP

Windows scp/sftp client for transfering files

Essential: Putty

Simple free SSHclient for windows. Putty is great but I recently started using Kitty which is a fork of Putty that add some nice features.  Check the Kitty page to see the list of extras. If you don't use the extras I think it better to stick to the original Putty.

Avira anti-virus offers best detection for free

I had never heard of Avira until I started Googling for anti-virus reviews. A recent test by AV-Test.org for PC World shows Avira detecting most viruses in the PC World review.

For home use they have a Free personal edition, which is scanning my computer as I write this. Some of the features described in the review are not included in the free version but I looks great. At last an anti-virus program where you can still select some options, such as excluding files from the scan, If you want to. You can even enter an SMTP server + e-mail address to mail detected threats.

A minor issue : the windows are not resizable

Update Feb 2, 2013:

It's still free, but I like the software so I paid for the Avira Antivirus Premium. I wasn't missing anything in the free version. I just wanted to pay for the software I have been using for more than 2 years now.



This is a test site, don't expect much content. Mostly trial and error (/horror) stuff .



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